Have you ever wondered having a log cabin? A lovely, tiny log home tucked away in the peacefulness of unspoiled wilderness? The ideal log cabin getaway for a day of family entertainment, fishing, and hiking in the great outdoors? Or perhaps a larger log cabin house with many bedrooms and relaxing places so that your family may experience full-time living in a cabin.

If you're seeking the most flexible garden structure, log cabins are the way to go. In the summer, log cabins may be used to entertain visitors, and in the winter, they may be used to rest. In a log cabin, the area may be simply modified for any purpose.

Whether you need a little or big garden shed to hold your equipment and other garden tools, a wooden garden log to host your visitors, or additional space for your hobbies and family free time, we are certain that our broad collection of garden log cabins will have the ideal one for you. We have various sizes of  log cabins that are simple to assemble and inexpensive. All of the log houses in our garden life collection are crafted of slow-growing Nordic spruce. After an easy setup, choose your preferred colors and add some accessories to make your backyard a truly unique space. 

These environmentally friendly, sustainable residential log cabins are ideal for individuals pursuing a simpler way of living.


A stylish pent Log Cabin made of natural slow-grown spruce gives any outdoor space a contemporary flair. JOHN has a modern front overhang and a contemporary pent design, which adds both flair and functionality. It has a large amount of interior space and a practical layout. It's the ideal spot to unwind. The 4.1 m x 3.5 m JOHN log cabin comes with interchangeable walls, which means that the window can be placed on either side of the wall. A beautiful medium-pitched roof adds a nice architectural touch to the overall cabin design. All of our products come with separate components of locks and hinges to ensure the safety of the log cabin. For all structures with 44 mm wall thickness, we provide a 5-year anti-rot warranty and free delivery to most European Union countries. You can also choose a paint color, bitumen roofing shingles, and steel gutter system for your wishes. JOHN is the perfect design to fulfill your dreams, whether you need a workshop, additional space for your gardening requirements, or simply a creative place where you can let your mind go wild. With its 6'8" height and opening windows, the half-glazed door provides a stable and beautiful entrance, as well as a bright and airy interior. JOHN focuses on the excellent family time vibes that a log cabin gives off since it was designed and built with an emphasis on space efficiency and open floor designs. You may enjoy the wide-open spaces of a lofted cabin with friends and family from your couch, or gather around the dining table with your loved ones during the holidays.

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HUNTER is a garden building that you will love and use for many years. The doors are placed in the center, giving the cabin a symmetrical appearance. This reverse apex chalet will become the center of your garden and at the same time give you extra space for enjoyment. With a variety of sizes, different wall thicknesses, and various other options to choose from, you can create the perfect outdoor building for you and your loved ones. It is a practical 12 m2 softwood structure log cabin that perfectly fits all types of garden. Thanks to its spacious design, which creates a sunny, roomy and cozy environment and you’ll have plenty of room to play with. As with most of our cabins, the HUNTER log cabin comes with interchangeable walls, which means that the window can be placed on either side of the wall. All of our products come with separate components of locks and hinges to make sure the safety of the log cabin. Also, the HUNTER log cabin is available as a twin-skin double-wall structure (44 mm wall + 25 mm insulation + 44 mm wall) to ensure the cabin stays warm. Thanks to finger-joint technology the windows and doors are more resistant to mold and dimensions can fluctuate by a maximum of 1%. For all structures with 44 mm wall thickness, we provide a 5-year anti-rot warranty.HUNTER is a special log cabin that combines maximum functionality, timeless aesthetics, and a beautiful modern appearance. If you are looking for a compact house, which can provide you with enough indoor and outdoor leisure space and ensure effective living and resting space arrangements, this may be your ideal choice.

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MADONA has become one of the most popular models due to its charming bungalow-style design. It has the main space that you can use according to your preferences. For example, it can be used as a home office or, more importantly, as a vacation home for the family. The high ceiling creates a pleasant and spacious atmosphere. MADONA is made of high-quality made of conifer wood with a pin tongue and groove system, suitable for all types of gardens. If you plan to use your cabin throughout the winter, or just want to leave more space for guests, then you can choose a double skin cabin. As well, it can be used as an outdated tool shed to safely store your garden equipment. No need to worry, because you can leave your tools safely and comfortably every time and find equipment where you put them. Also, it will not overload the outdoor spaces perfectly and the yard will look impeccable. The shed has spacious doors and windows, creating a lovely and light environment. This 3 m x 2 m wooden shed MADONA log cabin comes with interchangeable walls, which means that the window can be placed on either side of the wall. Reinforced roof construction ensures protection from the rain and sun. All of our products come with separate components of locks and hinges to ensure the safety of the log cabin. For all structures with 44 mm wall thickness, we provide a 5-year anti-rot warranty and free delivery to most European Union countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why I should choose a log cabin?

Log cabins have recently gained a lot of popularity all around the world. In terms of design and appearance, the possibilities are unlimited. A log cabin is quite affordable when compared to other items. You might wonder how that's feasible?

If you take a short glance at our product lineup, you'll realize that there are a lot of possibilities to choose from. Another benefit is that you get to choose not only the layout of the log home, but also the form and size of the windows and the wall thickness.

Other factor for log's attractiveness is that they are often more appealing than featureless brick. Because far less ground preparation is necessary, it may be done in a much shorter period of time.

Stylish, comfy, affordable, quick, and long-lasting. What more could you ask for? Log cabins for offices, among other things, are the way to go.

What can I use my log cabin for?

We offer log cabins of various sizes. A log cabin can be a great place to store garden tools and equipment. Larger wooden cottages can be used as a children’s playroom, guest room, home office, and etc.

How is the roof of our log cabins constructed?

The roof is one of the most significant elements in the design of a log home, according to BHG WOOD. It should be dependable and protect the wood home from strong winds and rain, maintaining it warm and dry. This is why a bituminous roof shingle on top of a timber roof or a wooden roof with additional insulation is our preferred option. There are, however, different roofing alternatives for an extra fee.

If you want a unique log cabin built just for you, our qualified people would be happy to advise you on the many roofing options we have available that would be appropriate for your garden office, summer log cabin, or home log cabin. Depending on the region where your log cabin will be maintained as well as the local climate, several roofing materials may be advised.

Is it possible to live in a log cabin during the winter season?

It is possible, but in this case additional investments are required - additional insulation of the floor, walls, roof and installation of heating should be installed. If you plan to use these buildings only in spring, summer and autumn, it is advisable to build a radiator, additionally insulate the roof and floor.

How thick are the walls of  our log cabins?

We can offer structures with 44 mm wall thickness.

What is the quality of the products we sell?

We strive for the highest quality product at the best price - almost all of our customers say that the price-quality ratio is excellent. Also, we provide a 5-year anti-rot warranty.

What kind of wood is used in the production log cabin?

We use spruce wood from the forests of Northern and Central Europe in accordance with the principles of slow tree growth. We choose only the highest quality wood.

In the production of wooden houses, we use only solid wood, glued wood. Windows and doors are made of studded wood to ensure maximum strength and prevent the wood from turning. Floor and roof boards can be 19 - 20 mm thick tongue & groove.

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