Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which are stored on your computer or other device when you visit website. Cookies help us to recognise your device and help us to improve functionality of our website and make our website easier to use. Cookies are not viruses. Usage of cookies is safe to your device and to information saved in it.

How we use cookies?

We use cookies to improve functionality of our website and to make our website easier to use. Cookies are also used to identify your browsing experience and to provide you with tailor information on our website, also to provide you with personalized offers. By using cookies we analyse your browsing history. We use analysed data for statistical purposes, also to provide you with commercial and advertisement offers. We use cookies to make possibility to you to use our website.  Your anonymized personal data by which your personality cannot be identified can be transferred to our partners for purpose of advertising services provision.

What cookies do we use?

Technical cookies. Technical cookies help us to show content of our website in your device. By using technical cookies we can ensure functionality of our website and customize it to your needs. For instance, to customize reflection of website depending on your device size. Technical cookies are strictly necessary for proper operation of our website. We cannot assure comprehensive usage of our website without technical cookies. Technical cookies also help us to record consents you give.

By using technical cookies we do not collect any information which is used for marketing and commercial purposes.

Functional cookies. Functional cookies record information about choices you have made, and also allow us to tailor the website to suit your needs. Functional cookies, at your request, help us to save your registration data, save your shopping basket and perform other similar functions of our website.

By using functional cookies we do not collect any information which is used for marketing and commercial purposes.

Analysis cookies. We use analysis cookies for internal purpose. By using analysis cookies we analyze our business. Information we get by analysis cookies helps us to understand our website visitors, which enables us to improve how we present our website content to you. Analysis cookies information can be used to reflect most popular goods watched by you, to provide other relevant information useful for you. Analysis cookies can be used to evaluate our marketing campaigns efficiency.

Information collected by using analysis cookies is general and not personalized. 

Targeting (commercial) cookies. Targeting (commercial) cookies are used to personalize your browsing experience and reflect content of website. Targeting cookies are also used to provide offers relevant to your browsing experience. By using targeting cookies we analyze your browsing experience in purpose to suggest you commercial offers. For instance, when you buy wooden garage we may offer you to buy wooden shed. Depersonalized data which was collected by using targeting cookies may be transferred to our partners for purpose of marketing services provision.

Third parties cookies.

In addition to our cookies, other third parties may use various of cookies. We cannot control third parties cookies and its usage. These third parties collect and use this information under their own privacy policies. We are not responsible to any of such third parties cookies.

How can I manage cookies settings?

You can manage cookies settings in your internet browser. For purpose of managing cookies you have to go to your browser settings and choose cookies which you want to use and which you want to delete. You can withdraw your consent of using cookies at any time by deleting chosen cookies from your browser.

For more information how to manage cookies settings, please, see instructions of browser you use.

Notwithstanding above, you can withdraw your consent of cookies by placing request to us in one of these ways:

By sending request via e-mail: [,,]

By placing your request by phone: [+44771049681].

It is important to know, that if you reject technical, functional and analysis cookies you may not be able to use our website. We do not recommend to delete or block cookies.