Log cabins - simple way of living

If in the past a log cabin was just a room where you chaotically accommodated all the household items needed in the garden, today the BHGWOOD team can offer a lot of other solutions that will surprise you with the possibilities.

BHGWOOD team offers a wide range of login cabins that will meet the needs of each client and surprise them with their functionality. High-quality, responsibly manufactured from carefully selected raw materials, these buildings can become a recreation area, a guest room, a children’s play area, or a courtyard site where family celebrations can be organized. A small login cabin can simply change the quality of life - sometimes you want to break away from the hustle and bustle and just stay in silence, read a book quietly, offer the guest accommodation or create a separate space for children to reign. If you want items to be stored in this building as well - a partition can be installed inside it, a separate entrance to the warehouse. And not to mention the possibility to install a terrace - which will become not only a real oasis of relaxation but also increase the value of the property.

Wooden garden houses have long surpassed brick or concrete buildings in their popularity. This is for several reasons. First of all, wood is a natural, ecologically clean building material, which makes it especially easy to breathe in such a house. All this creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere and harmony with the environment around us.

Second, wood has low thermal conductivity, so houses made of this material do not have to be insulated so carefully. They retain heat for a long time, wooden houses are always comfortable and cozy. In addition, the insulating properties of wood mean that the house will be economical and practical. Third, wood is much lighter than concrete or brick, so a wooden garden house can be built on virtually any foundation and in areas where the construction of a brick house would not be possible.

The undoubted advantage of wooden cottages for the garden is that it is quickly assembled and low cost. Lightweight constructions of a log cabin do not require a solid foundation, and their installation and assembly work takes only a few days. Slow-grown spruce is most often used for the construction of a garden house. The smell of resin, open verandas, and attics, ecologically clean, "breathable" walls allow you to fully enjoy the full beauty of the countryside and relax. If you decide to build a log cabin in your yard, you will not have to worry about the long construction work, which will last for years. Our log cabin houses are assembled quickly in your land plot.

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